St Jude's Storm

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On Sunday, October 27th 2013 winds recorded up to 99 miles per hour hit parts of Britain killing two people, leaving at least 270,000 homes without electricity, disrupting travel and causing masses of irreversible damage to houses and garden buildings. The 'St Jude's Storm' has been reported to be the worst storm recorded in Britain for over a decade and has left parts of the country in chaos.

Although this was forecasted by the Met office, when given 24 hours there are only a matter of things you can do to prepare for it, which normally isn't very much. However with the winter months approaching and wind drastically increasing in strength daily it may be an idea to invest in a few precautions so when you're given a storm notice at short notice again you can put your mind at rest.

The object recorded to have the highest claims of both suffering and creating the highest amount of damage in a storm is the garden shed. When storms hit, this storage unit normally is crushed by heavy trees falling over or has panels blown off by the high winds and in some cases even the whole shed which doesn't only increase the risk of damage to the items stored in your shed. When shed panels are picked up in the wind this is when the highest levels of damage are recorded as they normally end up crashing into windows and cars creating unnecessary danger and damage. Additionally when panels are lifted, the wind can also pick up valuables kept in the shed which can pose an even higher threat of destruction.

Here at Asgard, all of our metal garden sheds have been built to be as robust as possible and are full of heavy duty features. Our products are made out of heavy gauge galvanised steel panels and are fitted with a full integral metal floor which screws into the ground guaranteeing your shed won't be lifted off the ground when a storm hits. These aspects of the shed also offers the customer the highest security possible and also means the majority of our products are insurance approved.

If you'd be interested in more information in why a metal garden shed would be the best choice for your garden for the winter as well as against theft please do not hesitate to call us on 03456 580 730 or speak to one of our experts on our online chat on our website.

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