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October is the peak time for sightings of spiders in the UK. As the cooler autumn months descend upon us, so do clusters of male spiders, who scuttle around your homes and gardens looking for food and of course female spiders to mate with. Unfortunately for a significant amount of the UK’s human population arachnophobia is still one of the most common fears.

Asgard sheds have always been designed to be creepy-crawly resistant, as well as rodent-resistant, since we first started making them way back.

If you’re concerned about keeping spiders, slugs, rodents and any other creepy-crawly pest like creatures out of your shed, here are a few handy tips to keep them at bay.

• Remove nearby vegetation and organic matter that provides food/shelter for bugs

• Remove any standing water (bird baths, puddles, soil that soaks up moisture)

• Remove light sources (bugs fly towards light)

• Stain/paint exposed wood to make it less attractive to bugs

• Fill gaps in the shed where bugs are getting inside to get out of the elements (caulk)

• Regularly apply spray pesticides to the exterior surface of the shed to discourage insects from hanging around. Also, apply it to any crevices in the inside.

• Look at more "natural" oils and plants that repel insects.

Of course Asgard sheds are tightly sealed and have an integral metal floor, which makes it very hard for bugs to get in at all, so the above recommendations are only required as an extra precaution if you own an Asgard. If you don’t own an Asgard BEWARE THE CREEPY CRAWLIES! 


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