Snap-off Handles

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Snap off handle

You step out of your home on a cold autumn morning in your cycling gear, ready for the commute to work. You’re on autopilot as your hand reaches out to open your Asgard shed, to retrieve your bike. “Where’s the handle gone” you shriek, suddenly becoming more awake and alert. Looking at the door to your shed you can see that the handle is missing and you could be instantly forgiven for thinking that the handle coming off is simply a defect. That is of course, if you didn’t know, is actually a highly effective security feature that comes with all Asgard sheds.

Asgard storage units feature tough 3 and 5 point locking systems. Both types of locking systems come with handles that are designed to snap off during an attempted break in. So if you find your shed’s door handle missing, unfortunately it is highly likely that someone has been trying to steal your possessions. Fortunately for you, it is unlikely the intruder has managed to gain entry, so all of your stuff will still be safe and secure behind those strong Asgard doors.

When the handle and spindle come off, gaining access to your shed suddenly becomes very difficult for a would-be intruder. Once the handle has come off, the shed will remain locked until you return.

If you find that someone has tried to gain entry to your shed and the handle has come off, you can order a new one directly from Asgard by calling 03456 580 730. 

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