Shed Break Ins Spread To Derby

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Between the hours of 6pm Wednesday evening through to 7am last Thursday a numerous amount of shed break ins were reported to the Derbyshire police. This comes just a matter of weeks after shed burglaries had been recorded in both the London borough of Sutton and in Staffordshire. These new accounts of shed burglaries resorted in the theft of two mountain bikes when a shed door was forced open in Saxondale Avenue in the quiet town of Mickleover, Derby only hours before another mountain bike was taken in the same manner from another shed in the nearby street of Banwell Close. Many other sheds were reported as broken into but luckily for the owners there was nothing of value for the thieves to steel.

Derbyshire police are now urging members of the public to be extra cautious and vigilant for any suspicious looking activity in their area and to report any overly suspicious to the police immediately. Residents of the area are also being reminded to make sure that they're outdoor storage areas are secure and their home security is in full working use to prevent these sorts of attacks happening again.

These criminal attacks can be extremely worrying if you are also in a position where you keep highly priced items in your shed and assume they are safe. Unfortunately the traditional wooden shed, although can be very appealing to the eye is not extremely secure against criminal attack. The downside of any wooden structure is no matter how much security you apply to them, if someone wants to get into a wooden structure they will.

This is why here at Asgard we only manufacture metal sheds, due to their high durability and security aspects. Unlike most metal garden sheds for sale, our sheds also come with a high durability metal floor panel to ensure complete security of your valuables no matter what angle a thief may try to break in from. Although it may seem an unnecessary cost to get a new garden shed the future return on it could be huge if your shed is to be under attack especially if your shed is home to expensive items such as lawnmowers and bikes.

If you would like to enquire about any of our products or how to make your shed burglar proof please do not hesitate to contact one of our in-house experts on 03456 580 730 or use our online chat system on to ensure an immediate response.

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