Secure Store Metal Garden Tool Shed

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Secure Store - Metal Garden Tool Shed

Iain has been a cyclist for 30 years, in fact, Iain is local to Asgard headquarters. Iain's cycling prowess is legendary around Yorkshire, as he runs the Starwheelers Mountain Bike club, Iain was the inspiration for Asgard's own Andy Heath's interest in cycling, taking Andy under his wing in the early days when Andy joined the club, showing him the best local trails and rides.

Asgard small tool shed Little Shed - Metal Garden tool shed

Iain's shed envy ended this week when he took delivery of a fantastic new Asgard Secure Store shed. The SecureStor is Asgard's smallest garden shed. Ian already has plenty of bike space but needed a little extra garden storage, so Asgard to the rescue.

“I’ve known Iain for 15 years now I think. The guy is a true gentleman, from day one of my joining the club, Iain showed me the best trails in the area, riding techniques, and how to strip and rebuild a bike. I lose count of how many times he magically fixed my bikes either at home (in my Asgard bike shed Obviously) or very often out on the trails, with just a few simple tools”. - Andy

Asgard Secure Store Little Shed

Secure Tool Storage

The Securestore is the smallest garden shed from Asgard, but don't let its diminutive size fool you. It's a tough little shed! With a fully galvanised (weather-resistant) all-steel construction, and integral base, this diminutive shed is tough and secure. Featuring a 3-point locking system, picks, drill-resistant locks, theft-resistant snap-off handle and of course as always a fully integral, full metal floor which can be bolted to the ground for extra shed security. This little shed is ideal for keeping garden tools safe and secure, no matter what the weather.

“Thanks for the shed Andy (Asgard) it has made such a difference for us, saving us space and keeping all of our garden tools locked up safely within easy reach, thanks to the impressive heavy-duty hooks”. - Iain

For more information about the Secure Store see the main page here.

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