Road Safety Week - How to keep your self safe on the road as a Cyclist.

Bike News, Blog  | By Hazera Bibi

The number of cyclists on the road is increasing rapidly, however, cyclists are often some of the most vulnerable people on the road, with more than 100 cyclists injured on the roads every day in preventable crashes.  

Cyclists often have a difficult position in traffic as sometimes they are advised to follow the rules of motorists and other times advised to follow pedestrian rules, cyclists needs are often more similar to a pedestrian shorter routes, smoother surfaces. Did you know that there are more cyclists in the world than cars, with Asia alone carrying more people by Bike that the worlds car popularity!

  • Unless otherwise or expressly stated, the roads should always be considered as open to traffic and you must ride accordingly – including obeying all Highway Code rules and road regulations at all times.

  • You are requested to ride in single file where appropriate and no more than 2 abreast at any time. Single file riding is mandatory when double white line systems are in operation on the roads.

  • Unless required during a safe overtaking procedure you should not cross the centre line whilst riding and should make sure, particularly on descents, that you slow down sufficiently to be able to make a turn onto a side road without having to cross onto the ‘wrong’ side of the road.

  • Please always remain aware of your fellow participants and all other road users (including motor vehicles, other cyclists, horse riders & pedestrians) and ensure you always leave sufficient space / give way where required.

  • Please always indicate & signal your intention to stop or change direction, including at junctions.

  • Please do not pass through any red traffic lights, but wait as directed. Similarly, give way at all pedestrian crossings to those wishing to use them.

  • Please look out for and observe all Highways signage relating to descents, bends, general road regulations, cattle grids and other hazards.

  • Please also take note of any specific event signage which has been erected as this will be in place for your safety and to warn you of what is approaching on the Highway – HOWEVER these will not and cannot highlight every risk and so you must remain alert & maintain an awareness of your surroundings at all times.

  • You should remain in control and ride according to your ability as well as the road conditions/environment. So think and look ahead to look out for any.

We have created an infographic with some useful facts to keep yourself safe on the road while cycling. 

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