Prepare your garden shed for winter

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Prepare your garden shed for winter

The latest UK weather forecast shows that freezing winds and snow is on the way. Well what did we expect? Winter is coming after all! Strong winds, snow, ice and sleet can all cause damage to your garden equipment, furniture and even your shed. Before the winter weather hits, make sure you are prepared.

If you have a wooden garden shed, these can be severely damaged in winter weather as it can cause swelling, rotting leaking and damage to the joints. Has your garden shed been battered and bruised over the years? Worried your shed won’t make it through the winter? It might be time for a new one.

For a garden shed that will last the winter, look no further. At Asgard our metal garden sheds face very little problems in winter weather.  Our sheds are all made from tough weatherproof steel, that won’t rust, so you won’t have to worry about carrying out regular maintenance.  A selection of our sheds are also fitted with wind/rain guards which have been designed to help keep the toughest weather out, leaving your stored items safe and dry. These metal sheds are available in a range of sizes, so you can store your tools, furniture’s, toys, bikes and much more without worrying about leaks or damage to your stored items.

Asgard sheds in winter

Asgard sheds are fitted with other features which are also designed to keep your stored items safe throughout winter.  For added security and protection against strong winds, all of our metal storage sheds can be bolted to the ground and unlike a flimsy wooden shed you won’t have to worry about it blowing away! These storage units also have a unique ventilation system, which help to maximise airflow and reduce condensation.

To keep your Asgard shed in tip top condition, all you have to do is: Regularly grease the hinges, regular oil the locking mechanisms and wash the unit twice a year, with soapy water and make sure it is free from dirt and grease.

Asgard sheds are built to last, backed by our 10 year warranty, you’ll have garden storage for many winters to come. 

Browse through our range of metal garden sheds, to find the perfect one for you.

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