Police Urge Home Owners To Secure Their Sheds

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After the recent spat of shed and garage burglaries Wiltshire Police are urging all home owners to secure their sheds and garages. Due to these acts of theft Wiltshire Police have increased their squad members on nightly patrols and have pleaded communities to be extremely vigilant. This recent rise in theft, has resulted in thousands of pounds worth of goods being stolen from citizens such as mountain bikes, power tools and much more. These crimes have spread worry throughout Wiltshire especially in the Swindon East sector where these burglaries have primarily occurred. Police have not yet captured these criminals but have issued an official statement saying they do believe these crimes are linked.

As Wiltshire police continue to look into these crimes and track down these thieves they have asked home-owners to take extra security measures in regards to their sheds and garages. There are simple yet effective steps that can be taken to secure your storage units efficiently and effectively to prevent crimes like this happening to your property. According to a police statement these criminals have been targeting sheds and garages with unlocked doors to prop open whilst they take the belongings. This is why one essential tip in securing your outdoor units is to make sure your shed/garage is fitted with a secure locking system which is almost impossible to get into. Some thieves will even not attempt to burgle your shed if you're door is properly locked.

Additionally, if you do not trust the safety of your outdoor unit a shed/garage alarm is a great option to secure your storage unit. These alarms work the same as a house alarm by going off at the sensor of movement within the storage facility warding off burglars. However, if you really have a lack of confidence in your outdoor shed/garage's security you should really look at replacing the unit or bringing your possessions indoor. We would strongly recommend replacing the unit and upgrading to a metal storage solution rather than a wooden structure. Due to the characteristics of wood they do not make good storage units mainly due to the fact they can easily be broken, burnt and taken apart unlike a metal structure.

If you are looking for a new metal storage solution, please do not hesitate to look at our large selection of Asgard metal garden sheds and garages. If you're worried about security a purchase like this can be a simple end to your worrying and give you peace of mind. For more information about our metal garden sheds or any of our other products please do not hesitate to contact us on 03456 580 730 or chat to one of our in house security experts via our online live chat.

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