Police launch garden security campaign

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Police launch garden security campaign

With summer almost upon us, even though it doesn’t feel like it, police in Nottingham have launched a new garden security campaign.  This new campaign titled ‘Trust Gnome one’, features a garden gnome disguised as a burglar. Nottingham police are aiming to encourage people to take more care when securing their shed and garden tools.

A police spokesman said “While gnomes themselves are no risk, garden theft peaks each summer in line with the warmer weather and the force wants people to take extra caution….. Lock your shed, put your tools away, and don’t give anyone the opportunity.”

Keep yourself protected from theft this summer by making sure your garden shed is as secure as possible. Time for a new shed? The Asgard range of metal garden sheds are designed to keep your tools and equipment stored securely. Made from strong weatherproof steel and featuring tough locking systems, these sheds are designed to help keep thieves out.

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