Non Stanford & Police Approved Asgard Bike & Sports Shed.

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Non Stanford & Aaron Royle's professional bike shed

Non Stanford & Police Approved Asgard Bike & Sports Shed.

Triathlete stars Non Stanford & Aaron Royle take delivery of their new Centurion Bike shed from Asgard.

Non Stanford & partner Aaron Royle are British & Australian triathletes currently living not too far away from Asgard HQ, so really handy for us to pop over and take a few photos! As ever, when we get a professional sportsperson looking at buying a unit we are always excited! Professional athletes or not, the brief is a familiar one – Non and Arron have a garage full of household overspill (junk) and sports equipment and were potentially looking at clearing out the garage and, making use of the garage as either a training den or to perhaps even put a car in. Asgard to the rescue!

“The Asgard shed has been a game changer for us. It gives us peace of mind that our bikes and racing equipment are as safe as they can possibly be, whilst also providing us with a practical and functional space that we can use on a daily basis.” - Non Stanford

Asgard bike shed installation for Olympic Triathlete Non Stanford and Aaron Royle

Which Asgard shed is the best?

After a bit of a chat and some advice, and checking out the space and storage requirements, the Centurion range seemed to fit the bill. The Centurion Cycle Storage Shed x6 is a high-security storage gem. A fully galvanised (weatherproof) construction built from the inside-out, steel deadbolts (5-point locking system), a secure snap-off security handle, and a full heavy-duty metal floor has given this high security shed an LPCB level 1 rating, Insurance Approval, and Police approval, perfect for storing high-value items away from prying eyes. The additional loading ramp, wooden subfloor and integral bike rack work like a dream when storing bikes or anything with wheels.  Condensation is always a worry with metal sheds, however, Asgard's superb ventilation system reduces this by maintaining an internal airflow, keeping moisture to a minimum.

Asgard installation team

“As always it's really good to meet professional athletes, I am always inspired, and interested to hear about their training regimes, the level of dedication these guys have is amazing!  Non and Arron were looking for a large secure outdoor storage space for all of their garage contents - a combination of sports equipment and general “stuff” but they had limited space available. Non and Arron picked the Centurion bike unit, and it fits like a glove down the side of the existing garage, and I have to say looks perfect in grey, ideal for lawn mower storage, bike storage, garden storage, or anything that needs storing in a secure manner”.  - Andy, Asgard Storage

Stuart and Peter (two of our installation team), had the unit, up, bolted down and sealed in no time at all.  

“The base was not perfectly level on this installation, but we levelled up with the supplied spacers in no time at all, the doors operated smoothly and locked perfectly with a couple of spacers on one side, we bolted to the ground and we were done”.  Stuart Leddy – Installation.

Who are Non Stanford & Aaron Royle? 

Non Stanford is a British Triathlete, World Champion, and Olympian, representing Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. With many medals under her belt, Non’s hugely successful career also includes winning gold at the Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon and ITU World Triathlon Series, plus captaining Team Wales at the Commonwealth Games. From her early years, Non’s talent had been highlighted, winning a series of races and joining Kelly Holmes on the first ever 'On Camp with Kelly' in South Africa. 

Non’s partner Aaron Royle is an Australian Triathle, U23 World Champion, and Olympian, making his Olympic debut at the 2016 Rio Games. His successes include podium finishes at the ITU World Triathlon Series and Commonwealth Games. Together, both Aaron and Non make a powerful Triathlete couple, with we’re sure, many more wins to come!

Non Stanford Olympic Triathlete & her Bike Safe

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