National Gardening Week is here!

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National Gardening Week

Like the rest of the year, the British weather can’t make its mind up on what it wants to do. It just keeps teasing us with glimpses of a blissful and unusually warm spring and summer. The only signs that springs is 100% here is the buds on the trees and daffodils that are already out in full force.

To add to the excitement of a summer in the garden, the Royal Horticultural Society host a full week dedicated to gardening and all things flowers and trees. April the 11th is that official start to the National Gardening Week here in the UK, and there’s events happening all over the UK. Check out what’s near you on their website:

So how else can you get involved in national gardening week? Get creative! It’s the perfect time to get out into the garden and spends some quality time preparing for the summer. To give you ides of what to do, we thought we would share a few ideas from our Pinterest page!

As there’s no guarantee of glorious sunshine, we decided to put together some simple ideas you can also do indoors!

So go get yourself in the garden and get creative! Don’t forget to tweet us pictures of your National Gardening Week activities to our account @AsgardStorage

Also, you may have noticed that we are celebrating National Gardening Week with a huge 10% off sale! Just choose the shed you want and ender the code NGW10 into the discounts box! This offer is available from 11/04/16 and ends midnight 17/04/2016.

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