My First Shed Installation

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Before we start, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Brook and I look after the Social Media accounts and Blog for Asgard. I spend most of my days working on a laptop, writing about gardening, cycling and motorbike related topic. As well as this I set up special offers that you, the lucky customer can take advantage of.

Writing about something and fully understanding a topic can be two very different things, so recently I went out to install a 7 x 11 Extra Large Metal Garden Shed with our installation engineer Stu. What better to find out how these heavyweight steel sheds are built?

Loading the Van

Before an installation the shed begins its life at Asgard’s manufacturing plant in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Each of the heavy-gauge galvanised steel panels that make up the shed are built and painted at the plant.

Steel panels that make up the Asgard sheds

When a customer installation order comes through, each of the individual parts of the shed are loaded onto a van ready to reach their destination. Whilst loading the panels, I realised how heavyweight the fully constructed sheds must be. This is because each of the individual panels are both heavy and solid when you pick them up and is why Asgard sheds are known for being so secure.

Reaching the Destination

The destination for the installation was Halfway Nursery Infant School in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The journey didn’t take too long, as it was just a trip eastbound on the M62 and then southbound on the M1, where the two motorways join.

On our way, Stu our installation engineer tells me that we have installed sheds all over the UK and we always try our best to reach a destination, some of which have been quite remote.

We arrived at the infant school and could see some recently built classrooms and newly tarmacked playground. It was obvious that the school had recently had to expand and that the shed would provide valuable storage space for expensive outdoor equipment, that the children play with.

Once we were parked up, a member of staff came out to meet us and showed us to the playground where the shed would be assembled.

Assembling the Shed

When the area of the playground where the shed would sit had been decided on, Stu and I unloaded the steel panels from the shed and got to work putting the base together.

Stu putting together the sheds metal base

As I passed parts of the shed to Stu, I could see that all of the fixings were screwed in from the inside, which is actually one of the things that make the sheds so secure. This is because the screws are not visible from the outside of the shed, so they can’t be tampered with by would be thieves.

It was a very hot day, which was pleasant in some cases whilst building the shed. On the other hand a lot of drinking water was required, because of the heat and the heavy lifting work. It was this that made me realise the importance of the sheds ventilation system, which helps to prevent the build-up of condensation during the warmer months.

What I Learnt about Asgard Sheds

Once the shed was fully assembled, I learnt that the complete structure of an Asgard Gladiator Garden Shed is something that is very strong, highly secure and very heavy.

The shed is bolted to the ground and is like a strong metal fortress, meaning you can be assured that all of your belongings are safe inside. Security is obviously an important issue for places such as the school we were installing the shed and a shed such as this one would enable them to store expensive play equipment, without being worried that it could be damaged by the elements or stolen by criminals.

All in all I learnt that Asgard sheds are heavy and secure.

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