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Asgard Best Bike Storage - Evie Richards

MTB World Champion Evie Richards Gets an Asgard Police Approved Bike Shed

2021 MTB World Champion, Evie Richards, has become the latest athlete to choose an Asgard Bicycle Shed to store her bikes in. Evie needed a super secure mountain bike storage unit where she could leave her multiple training bikes and precious equipment, with the Centurion (Secured by Design) Police approved shed fitting the bill, perfectly. The new bike shed gave Eliie back her dining room, just in time for Christmas! 

“I am super excited to have an Asgard shed in my garden. It has made my life so much easier keeping the muddy bikes out of the house and the colour looks perfect next to the shed me and my dad built. I am a very happy lady!" - Evie

With a tight space to install the shed, Stuart and Pete from the Asgard Shed Installation team travelled down to Worcester on a chilly morning to meet up with Evie.

It was fantastic to meet Evie and install the Centurion shed for her behind her summerhouse. It was quite a tight squeeze and a shame the full 5x9 shed model wouldn’t fit in the space. The floor wasn’t quite level which made aligning the shed difficult, however, as this shed is modular, we simply took out part of the midsection on site to reduce the depth, and with the Asgard  shims and spacers we managed to make it work.” - Stuart, Asgard Shed Installation Team

Who is Evie Richards?

Evie Richards Police Approved Bike Shed

Evie Richards is a prominent cross-country and cyclo-cross cyclist and a Mountain Bike (MTB) World Champion, after being the first ever British rider to win the UCI MTB XCO World Championships. A former hockey player, Evie found a love for cycling in 2013 and at the age of 18, she won the UCI CX World Junior Championships in Belgium. Evie continues to triumph and succeed across World Cups and Commonwealth Games with podium results. 

Evie’s success has been great to watch and follow, which has gained her 240,000 followers on Instagram. You can see her channel here

Why did Evie Choose the Centurion Shed?

Asgard police approved storage sheds

We installed the Centurion bike shed x4, however, Evie originally wanted our Centurion Bike Shed x6, a slightly extended model with side vents and electrical mounting plates to add power, but unfortunately, the space was too tight to fit the metal shed. We kitted out Evie’s shed with all the same great accessories including a wooden subfloor, shelves, hooks and a bike rack. 

“Metal shed condensation is always a concern when it comes to location, Asgard sheds are ventilated so condensation inside is rare.  In a tight spot like this, we always advise the vents are kept nice and clear to maximise airflow, and any foliage is cut back”.  - Andy Heath - Asgard

Evie selected the Centurion shed model due to their fantastic security features; a reinforced galvanised steel construction with welded hinges, and an integral base that can be bolted to the ground. This metal shed has a 5-point locking mechanism with internal deadbolts and an EN1303-rated lock, tested to the highest level of durability and corrosion and temperate resistance. The locking mechanism features a snap-off handle, designed to shear off in an attack to prevent the user from gaining entry. 

All these security features make the Asgard shed Secured by Design (Police), LPCB level 1 and UK Locksmith Association approved, giving Evie great peace of mind her shed is secure. 

See Evie’s Centurion Bike Shed x4 or the x6 model. 
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