Motorcycle Theft Statistics

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Motorcycle Theft Statistics

Statistics have shown that £3 million worth of motorcycles are stolen every month in the UK, which is a massive £105 million every year. The top areas for theft are Central and Greater London, West Yorkshire, the West Midlands and Greater Manchester. It only takes around 20 seconds for an experienced thief to steal a bike, so leaving your motorcycle unsecure for even the shortest amount of time could lead to the loss of your motorbike. Statistics suggest that criminal gangs are stealing motorcycles to order, with the most popular motorbikes being from the big four motorcycle manufacturers Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda. Protection is the best theft prevention. Make sure that your bike is fitted with an alarm and immobiliser and when at home keep your bike secured in a garage and locked with a ground anchor. See our Motorcycle Storage Range, designed with motorcycle protection in mind. 

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