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Motorcycle Storage - Locksmiths report

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Motorcycle Storage - Locksmiths report
"As per the companies recommendations I had a second person available to help with assembly and an electric screwdriver.  Both of these things had been prior recommended to me and they are points that I'm very glad I listened to.  The amount of screws used to hold each panel to the next from multiple angles was numerous giving great security and sturdiness however if you were using a manual screwdriver would have become tiresome and time consuming.  I would recommend that if the consumer does not have an electric screwdriver to hire one". 
"I was extremely impressed by the fact that little items such as the silicone sealant were included with the product which made construction seamless.  Other items like the spacers used for levelling the product were simple but highly effective and useful".  
"The powder coating is of a high standard and very aesthetically pleasing as it the assembled product. I loved the inclusion of accessories namely the shelf and the hook assembly simple items that transfer open areas into useful space". 

Asgard Motocycle Garage - Conclusion: 

"A very well thought out, well designed and well executed product.  Confidence is given from the moment of installation.  Aesthetically pleasing, strong, sturdy and produced to a very high standard.  Power screw drivers are a must in my opinion as well as a willing / bribed assistant. I am extremely happy with the product and get a better nights sleep knowing my motorbike is in the Motorcycle Garage Plus.  I believe that fact alone is the best testimonial I could give". 
"The product is exactly what you would want for a motorcycle garage. I would and have highly recommended this product".  
"The garage has a wonderful balance of being aesthetically pleasing whilst looking like it has the security of Fort Knox. The double doors are plenty wide enough to ride even a second bike straight in to the garage.  The unit is water proof even in the highest downpour (obviously excluding flooding) and ventilates well.  Opening and closing the product takes seconds and the unit can easily contain two motorcycles". 
"The motorbike is away from prying eyes protected from the elements and secure.  You have no worries about high winds catching your bike cover like a sail or minute stones / grit  rubbing against your paint work as you would with a well used material bike cover.  You can chain your bike internally which in heavy rainfall is a luxury. If you forget to chain your motorbike on the odd occasion no one will know. Great for also storing bike related items oils, chain lubes, original indicators etc". 
"Most importantly you are left with a feeling of security and confidence a good nights sleep at ease is a wonderful thing". 
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