Motorcycle storage - A case study

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Motorcycle storage - A case study

Motorcycle storage

A customer case study

Instead, he chose to use wooden batons - we don't recommend this - but it worked for him!  We would always recommend you put down a solid level base of either tarmac, concrete, or paving slabs - a sturdy base will ensure years of reliable service .. however, the choice is yours!!  Read how Dave and his mates put his Asgard together here in this case study and find out how he did it .. and what this experienced biker of some 30 years thought of his new Asgard motorbike garage.

 Dave was looking for a reliable and secure motorbike garage for his expensive motorcycle - Dave rode to work most days, but would often have customer appointments, so would need to use his van - so his motorcycle would be left in the car park at his offices - often overnight in a dark and remote part of Huddersfield - So Dave needed discreet and secure motorcycle storage shed where he could store his bike AND all is riding gear in.

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