Metal bike racks

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Metal bike racks

Asgard really do design cycle storage for cyclists – recently Asgard supplied a metal bike shed to Elinor Barker (see the original post here)   When we supplied Elinors bike shed we noticed that her (very nice) bikes touched as they were in the shed, hence we designed our new retro fit bike rack...just for Elinor.... Well now everyine can have one.

This new product comes in two sizes, one for our Centurion based units and one for our Gladiator units. Each bike rack holds either 6 (Gladiator based) or 4 (Centurion based) bikes by either front or rear wheel, keeping your bikes apart and scratch free.  Elinor has combined our new multi bike rack with our single rack which is used to hold her spare bike frame, with our hook packs holding spare wheels… this really has become the ultimate metal bike shed.  See more here> 

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