Man Set Upon By Gang Hiding In Shed

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It has been reported that in recent weeks several people have been attacked via people hiding in their garden sheds before jumping out to attack their victim. These despicable criminal acts have not only disturbed the neighbourhoods in which they have happened but have also left two people with life threatening injuries.

The first of these serious offences took place on October 25th in Elson, Portsmouth in the early afternoon when a 24 year old man was attacked by a gang of hooded thugs which jumped out on him from his garden shed leaving the victim with serious injuries and steeling over £400 worth of goods from his shed.

This comes just a week before an even more serious crime of the same nature took place in Dublin where a woman was stabbed to near death after a masked man hid himself away in her shed until she arrived home when he chose to attack her when walking past.

Neither of these unsettling attacks are said to have any motive behind them apart from the opportunity to steel from these sheds and unfortunately are down to the pure bad luck of these poor victims and the disturbing ideas of these criminals.

These shocking series of attacks have made the police urge citizens that it is impossible to ever be too vigilant when it comes to your own safety and that of your possessions. Unfortunately the difference between not having and having a secure lock on their garden sheds or owning a secure shed could've saved both of these poor victims their horrific injuries.

Here at Asgard we have a wide range of secure metal garden sheds which are mostly insurance approved making them extremely secure. As well as keeping these horrible criminals out of your shed they also serve a great purpose against thieves being completely safe to store your most precious valuables in. Although not as appealing to the eye as the traditional wooden shed, you cannot compare the safety between a metal garden shed and a wooden shed. Due to being resilient to being barged open by criminals they are most likely to give up and move on, giving you complete peace of mind that no one is going to jump out of your shed nor is anyone going to be able to get in your shed and steel your possessions.

If you would like any more information on our secure metal garden sheds please do not hesitate to contact us on 03456 580 730 or speak to one of our in-house experts via our live chat on

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