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Last Thursday, on the 21st November four occupants of a small bungalow near Huddersfield were suddenly awoken at 2am to smoke and flames created by an outdoor shed used as storage to a mobility scooter which burst into flames suddenly.

The owner of the mobility scooter had parked their vehicle and put it on charge overnight in the security of their wooden shed. It is extremely common for mobility scooters to be stored in a garden shed due to new insurance terms and conditions which state that most companies will not insure a mobility scooter unless it is being kept in a secure unit. Unfortunately in this instance a lot less damage could've been caused if the owner had opted for a different storage location than the metal structure in the garden.

At 2am in Huddersfield the mobility scooter burst into flames whilst being charged which in turn set the whole shed alight extremely quickly. Due to the quick burning nature of the wood in no time at all the fire had a hold of the entire shed located directly against the gable end of the bungalow. Swiftly after the shed was lit the whole gable end of the bungalow was also alight, luckily waking up the residents who all managed to escape the ordeal unharmed. Thankfully minimal damage was done to the bungalow as the 4 occupants were able to alert the Huddersfield fire brigade in good time.

The police are now urging people to think twice about the storage of their mobility scooters. Unfortunately in any wooden structure, the slightest spark could end in tragedy. This is where cables and electricity are being used looking at alternatives to wooden garden sheds is a great idea.

Here at Asgard, we stock a wide range of mobility scooter storage units all made of galvanised metal sheets meaning they are extremely secure. Our mobility scooter storage complies with all insurance guidelines which makes it a great choice. Additionally, as our units are made out of durable steel sheets (including the floor piece) this makes it near impossible for a fire to break out if your scooter was to set alight whilst charging.

If you would like any more information on keeping your mobility scooter safe or on any of our Asgard products please do not hesitate to contact us on 03456 580 730 or use our online live chat via.

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