Is Your Shed Protected Against Fire?

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Last week it was recorded in the town of Southwold, Suffolk that a fire starting from a wooden shed ignited a fire that would spread to two nearby homes of two families and a nearby wooden garage complete with car inside.

Police are currently carrying out investigations into the fire at the moment to see what caused this fire to break out. There is no news yet whether or not the fire was started deliberately or accidentally. Either way this tragic accident could have been prevented.

Like many other sheds the shed that unfortunately set alight spurring on this fire was being used to store garden tools and crucially to this fire spread was also storing petrol which when lit allowed the fire to spread. Due to this awful tragedy two families are having to rebuild their homes and try to recover what they've lost in this unfortunate event whilst another house nearby came home to discover their burnt down wooden garage with only the shell left of their jaguar car.

One of the main reasons that here at Asgard we solely provide our customers with metal garden sheds is because of their high resistance to flames. Keeping your belongings safe when fire strikes as well as preventing fire spreading to a bigger scale as what has happened in this situation in Suffolk. As well as being fire proof metal garden sheds have a lot of other advantages over your normal metal garden shed such as their benefit security wise. Some of our Asgard sheds are in fact so secure that they are insurance approved to guarantee the safety of your items.

If you would like any more information on our fireproof garden sheds please do not hesitate to contact us on 03456 580 730 or go to and speak to one of our highly experienced team members to ensure you choose the perfect product for your individual needs.

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