Invisible Bike Phenomenon

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This seasons must have bike!

We posted a funny image we found online of the 1975 Tour De France, however with the added joys of Photoshop. We enjoyed it so much so that we began doing more researching about the ‘invisible bike’ phenomenon. And, my friends, I am happy to tell you that somewhere in the world are people that are using Photoshop for the reasons we are certain it was created for. Our collection is something we will be constantly updating on our Pinterest, along with our many other boards.

We live for cycling, simply put we love it. And we love sharing what we find! Get involved, tweet us or message us funny bike pictures. However, now to really get back on topic.

Dear people of the internet, Asgard presents to you some of the latest favourite invisible bikes from our ever growing collection!

Asgard Invisible Bike 01:

Boris Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger riding their invisible bikes!

Asgard Invisible Bike 02:

A famous movie, but with the added joys of photoshop!

Asgard Invisible Bike 03:

Just strolling through the city streets.

Asgard Invisible Bike 04:

Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger at it again!

Asgard Invisible Bike 05:

Einstein on an invisible bike, literally genius!

Asgard Invisible Bike 06:

Matt Damon on his invisible bike.

Asgard Invisible Bike 07:

He may have been part of the 4 horsemen, but it seems he is capable of magic!

Asgard Invisible Bike 08:

Even Kermit has got in on the action.

Asgard Invisible Bike 09:

Somethings missing, just cant quite put our feet on it...

Asgard Invisible Bike 10:

Invisible bicycles really are this years must have!

Get involved! Share this page and inspire your friends to get onto the invisible bike phenomenon. Tweet us your invisible bike pictures to @shedforce, or use #invisiblebike. You can also re-pin our Pinterest pins and get involved that way!

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