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Interior Designer Bee Osborn transforms her Cottage with the Burner King

When Asgard made their first delve into outdoor living furniture with the Burner King, an outdoor wood burner and stove to keep people warm and toasty into the summer evenings, we knew we wanted feedback from the Interior Design and home renovation community. We approached Bee Osborn, an Interior Design influencer with over 182,000 followers, an online and Oxfordshire homeware shop AND commercial Interior Design Business, Studio Osborn to see what she thought. Luckily for both of us, the Burner King fitted in nicely with the renovation of her new cottage in Oxford… and she knew where it would come in use. 

"My favourite discovery of the year… I had no idea that an outdoor wood burner even existed until @asgardstorage made me aware. I jumped at the chance to put this next to my outdoor bath, beside the shepherd’s hut. Little did I know that I could heat up mulled wine on it too! Definitely brightens up a miserable damp evening… This weekend I have my girls at home so will try to do a ‘full English’ on it too!

It's actually UNBELIEVABLE! The fact you can cook on it too as it gets hotter is extraordinary…We were all set to make a hot chocolate but then thought, don’t be ridiculous, this calls for mulled wine! It's AMAZING…thank you so much, going to use it regularly from now on." - Bee Osborn, Interior Designer

While renovating her cottage home, Bee has been living in a Sheppard hut at the bottom of her garden. Once complete, Bee is moving into her home and keeping the Sheppard’s hut with its own mini garden and outdoor bathing area with a freestanding bath, lighting and our woodburner to keep her toasty - and it looks like bliss! 

Bee Osborn Asgard Burner King Collaboration

Who is Bee Osborn? 

Educated at London’s prestigious Inchbald School of Design, Bee Osborn is a multi-award-winning Interior Designer who runs her own commercial interior design studio and homeware shop. She’s undertaken breathtaking renovations across the world and specialises in Hotels and residential properties.

Bee’s Interior Design skills have been an inspiration to many people with 182K followers on Instagram and her renovations appeared in magazines such as Country Home & Interiors (Front cover), Stella Magazine and Sheer Luxe. Keep your eyes peeled food Bee’s latest cottage renovation appearing in the press. 

What is the Burner King?

The Burner King is our dedicated outdoor wood burner stove and hotplate. A year in the making with vigorous testing and tweaks, the outdoor stove is designed and manufactured in Yorkshire by ourselves, Asgard, and is made from thick solid steel with heat-resistant paint. To keep everyone warm, the outdoor stove gives off 360-degree heat and features a heatproof roped glass door for a large visual of the fire roaring away. After 40 minutes, the wood burner’s dual hotplates come hot enough to sizzle up a sausage or make late-night snacks. 

The Burner King also features a 1m high chimney with an optional cowl to draw the smoke upwards and has a unique handle design that keeps cooler even when the burner is at maximum temperature*. Inside, the Burner King also features split removable ashtrays to help clean ash.

Outdoor Stove

Please click here to see the Burner King.

Please Note Bee has placed a fireproof board to protect the Sheppards Hut. Please see the product page for further details on fire safety and positioning. 

* We would recommend using suitable protection when using the handle for protection. 

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