Insurance approved Asgard Motorcycle storage.

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Insurance approved Asgard Motorcycle storage.

Asgard are pleased to announce that our Motorcycle storage garages are now Loss Prevention Certified to level 1.  A level 1 certification assures that our Motorcycle storage really is secure.  To gain a LCPB rating our motorcycle storage has gone through rigorous testing by a team of experts who attempt to break into the shed using various tools. 

See some of the attempted break in footage here>

See our motorcycle storage unit

See our motorcycle plus storage unit

As with all Asgard products, our Motorcycle storage is built from heavy duty, galvanised steel to give you the best security for your precious Motorcycles.  With additional features such as 5 point locking, pick resistant lock barrels, welded panels, ventilated roof these complete storage packs include all the accessories you will need to keep your motorbikes secure and protected from the elements.



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