Need some tips on how to store your motorcycle for the winter?

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Riding a motorcycle any time of the year demands caution, however, winter, in particular, can be treacherous. A large percentage of Britain’s motorcyclist say that riding during icy seasons is the worst part of being motorcyclist.

For some Motorbike riders, Winter riding is simply not an option. For them, the bike goes into hibernation into storage until the Spring.

Asgards steel Motorbike storage has been cleverly designed with hidden ventilation in the roof, meaning that condensation will be kept to a minimum as the vents allow the fumes and moisture from your bike to escape.

Asgard motorbike garages are made with weatherproof, steel coated in polyester powder coat paint which helps keep your motorcycle clean and dry throughout the winter. The tough Motorcycle storage garages come with 5 point locking systems ensuring your bike is safe whether it is been stored for a long or short period of time, making Asgard storage units the prefered choice for motorcycle owners in the UK.

“Surprised at how sturdy the Motorcycle Storage Garage is. I have great confidence in the quality and security its a pleasure to put my pride and joy, my Harley Davidson motorbike into the garage and locked it up for the night confident that it would be dry and safe.” - Asgard Customer Review

Top tip: Leave you motorcycle to cool before storing it in your Asgard unit, this helps to reduce the risk of damp.

We have created a helpful infographic which includes some tips on the best ways to store your motorcycle during the winter months.

  Storing you Motorbike for winter

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