How to protect your bike this winter

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How to protect your bike this winter

We’ve all heard the severe winter weather warnings. Whether they are accurate or not, if you plan on riding your bike, it is important to make sure you look after it during the winter. Here are a few things you need to be aware of.

Tyre pressure

You will need to adjust your tyre pressure according to the weather conditions. Low pressure is recommended for cold weather cycling, however this can cause wear and tear on the tyre to develop much quicker.  With lower tyre pressure, your bike will be at risk to damage from rocks and potholes. If you plan on cycling regularly, it may be worth investing in a set of winter tyres.

Snow and Ice

Take care when riding your bike your bike in the snow and ice and make sure you are properly prepared. Cycling through lots of snow, slush and ice will quickly cover your bike. After your ride, put your bike somewhere warm and allow the ice to melt off. Follow this by thoroughly drying your bike and re lubricating the necessary parts.

Salt and Sand

During the winter salt and sand will be used to melt snow and ice on the roads, this can be a problem for your bike.  Salt can corrode unprotected steel very quickly and wet sand can clog mechanical parts, this is a particular problem for chains and drivetrain parts. Make sure you check and clean components as needed.

When the bad weather comes, make sure you have somewhere dry to store your bike. At Asgard we have a selection of bike storage units, which have been designed to help see your bike through the winter. Our metal bike sheds will keep the bad weather out, leaving your bike in tip top condition. Browse through our selection bike storage to find your perfect bike store. 

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