How is an Asgard shed made?

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How is an Asgard Shed Made?

Many of you have bought Asgard secure steel storage to protect your bikes, garden equipment and many more things. Some of you have tweeted us about attempted break-ins and how the thieves failed to get into the shed. But how much do you know about the production process of the shed you’ve got?

We decided to make a ‘Discovery Channel’ style How It’s Made video, documenting the step by step process of producing an Asgard steel shed. Who know, you could be watching your actual shed being made!

The video shows the metal bending and fabrication stages, as well as the paint line and loading. We really enjoyed making this video and have tried to show you as much as we can! If you want more in depth information about aspects such as the paint and anti-rust protection, you can see more on this page that also includes diagrams and layer breakdowns.

The video is in full HD so don’t forget to click full screen! Here it is:



Last year we also had Google in our factory, which means you can also take a full tour of our factory and have a full look around. See the 360 Google Tour here.

We have also been through the process of making stop motion animations of our secure storage being assembled. We have done this for all our ranges, and gives you an insight into the stages of assembling your shed. These videos also mirror the instructions that come provided with every shed so they’re always useful to watch. All product videos can be found on the bottom of the 'Details' tab.

On our YouTube channel we also have the test footage from our latest LPCB certification tests. These videos show people trying to break into the Asgard shed with an array of tools and methods, including sheer brute force. These videos give us pride in our ability to manufacture such secure and strong storage, check out the different tests our new units underwent:


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