How do I store my bike outside in the winter.

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Bikes are pretty low maintenance when it comes to storing them during the winter, although cold temperatures themselves don't directly affect your bike. Bringing your bicycle in from the cold damp outside into a  warm cosy inside can eventually cause moisture to condense on the inside of the bike frame which can lead to rust.

Asgard can provide the answer to all your outdoor storage questions, its the perfect solution to storing your bike outside during the cold winter months, helping to avoid your beloved bike from gathering condensation because of the unique ventilation system, which allows air to freely flow through the unit, in turn helping to reduce the risk of moisture gathering on your bike. A great solution if you use your bike for your daily commute or like many others you have committed to TRIJanuary and are getting out into the elements to do your training for the multisport challenge.

Tips on storing your bike in an Asgard metal bike shed

If you store your bike in an outdoor storage unit, then it’s a good idea to lubricate the cables and chain before putting the bike away for the winter.

Tyres should be inflated as they will naturally deflate quicker over the winter months. If you store your bike in an unheated storage unit you can take the tyres off and bring them inside, this can help reduce your tyres from deflating however this isn't always an ideal situation. Removing your tyres can help to protect the rubber,  Asgard eyelets can be used to hang your tyres on the inside of the storage unit, depending on the width of your tyres, alternately you can use a bike rack to hang larger tyres.

Vertical bike lockers from Asgard are a great way to store your bikes during the winter months if you live in a flat or apartment. These space-saving units are great for storing your bike on the balcony, flat or small garden as it allows you to keep your bikes on your own property as opposed to in a shared underground as is often the case with many apartments or flats. This can also help ease your mind storing your bike on your own property.

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