Grand Départ 2014

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Grand Départ 2014

The Official Numbers

A recent report, Three Inspirational Days (click to view), has been officially published and it covers all the key facts and figures of the 3 Stages that were hosted in the UK. We've made it quicker and easier to digest!

“There is no doubt the Grand Départ of the Tour de France was incredible for many businesses in Yorkshire and the benefits will be felt for many years to come.”Gary VerityCEO of Welcome to Yorkshire

Economic Benefit

According to Three Inspirational Days, a grand total of £128 million was injected into the local economies as a result of the Tour de France. Yorkshire benefitted the most, a staggering £102 million, as it hosted the first two days. Stage 3 however only injected around £35 million into the Cambridge, Essex and London economies. A key factor for this, was that stage 3 happened on a Monday, when people were at work.

Total 3 Stages:




Cambridge, Essex & London:


*The slight discrepancy in numbers is due to the money spent by spectators travelling between stages.

The Crowds

Because lots of people watched from more than one point, or saw more than one stage, the total number of individuals who saw the race is lower than the overall crowd number, but it's still a fairly staggering 3.5 million people.

The report admits that crowd numbers over such a large event are hard to measure, but its figures roughly correspond with the National Omnibus Survey, which found 3.1 million people said they watched the race in person.

Total 3 Stages:

4.8 Million Total Spectators


3.5 Million Spectators

Cambridge, Essex & London:

1.5 Million Spectators

Marshals & Stewards


*The reason that the spectator numbers don’t add up is due to some spectators being present at multiple stages of the race.

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