Get your garden Winter Ready with Asgard

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In the run-up to winter professional and amateur gardeners alike will want to ensure they’re prepared. They should also be thinking about what they can plant and grow during the colder months. Asgard has created a useful infographic to illustrate some of the most important things to take into consideration when winter comes.

To summarise the advice provided in this infographic, here’s a list of all the tips.

  • Tube feeders are good at protecting seed from wet weather.

  • Clean the bird box out.

  • Clean your shed out and make use of Asgard’s accessories.

  • Take hardwood cuttings.

  • As food resources are low, wild rabbits can damage your plants. User wire netting to keep them out, or put guards on young trees.

  • Spread mulch on your vegetable plot and around the garden. Mulch is good for earthworms, which help stabilise the soil.

  • Harvest winter veggies such as sprouts, leeks, parsnips, cabbage, kale and gourd.

  • Prune rose bushes back.

  • Plant veggies such as potatoes, garlic and onions.

  • Use a trowel to plant garlic and shallots just under the soil, so birds don’t pull them up.

  • Plant bulbs and bedding plants such as pansies, hydrangeas and goji berries.

Get your garden Winter Ready

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