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Spring is finally here! It’s time to get in your garden shed, dust off the gardening gloves and get back at it. We thought we’d help you out by offering you some top tips for making gardening that little bit easier and even cheaper!

Rain harvesting

Collecting rain water and storing it in barrels is neither new nor radical idea, however it does have many advantages. It is the easiest way to save on your water bill and recycle something that would otherwise just be lost back into the air. Although barrels would be the largest method of storage, you can use old buckets and even your watering can. The upside of rainwater harvesting is that it is there and ready to be used. Summers bring about heat-waves, and in extreme conditions droughts occur which lead to a gardeners worst nightmare, the dreaded hosepipe ban. You collecting rainwater you can still water your garden regardless of the weather.

Grass Recycling & Compost

Be warned, this isn’t for those who are overly affectionate towards their grass lawn aesthetics. This is also probably the easiest of tips as it requires no effort at all. Every year tonnes of leaves are bagged up and thrown out into landfills, when it could prove to be rather useful. By allowing the leaves and grass clippings to decompose, you are actively supporting and encouraging soil fertility in your garden, and not to mention cutting down on landfill usage. Better yet, mix this with a bit of compost to achieve new highs of soil fertility and low levels of kitchen waste.

Pest Control

Avoid at all costs! There is no place for pest control in home gardening and landscapes. If you encourage a thriving ecosystem in your garden, then nature’s natural selection will take care of the rest. Bees, wasps and birds will be attracted to do what they do best, pollinate. And a pollinate garden will not only thrive for this season, but will set you up for next year, and the year after and so on. It really is as simple as help them help you.

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