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Despite the usual on / off British weather, it’s time to start thinking about your garden. Some of you may be having a full landscaping overhaul, whilst others just weed and add some new flowers with a general tidy up. Either way, we thought we’d show you some of the best and most inspirational garden ideas that we’ve found on the garden blogs and Pinterest.

Water Features

Let’s start off with water features. You’ve either got one, or wish you had one. Like most ornaments and decorations most people are split into two categories, either traditional lovers or modern admirers. So we’ve included the best of the two.

Got some left over wine bottles? Use them and make a garden feature! It’s simple and elegant enough to fit into any garden.


Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is something that can be the final piece to your back garden aesthetics needs. Something as simple as tube lighting can really add atmosphere to your garden.If your garden doesn’t need much work in terms of plants and shrubbery, then why not give your garden shed or tool storage a humorous facelift. And zombie deterrent is a good deterrent!

Outdoors Indoors

Gardens are becoming more popular inside the house these days. Terrarium’s are something not everyone will remember, but they’re making a comeback and are leading the way for bringing the outdoors indoors. The modern glass work gives a remarkable minimalistic look and feel with, but offers a perfect front row seat into nature’s playground.Don’t be put off by the size of terrariums, use an old jam jar like this one featuring an orchid. But don’t forget to keep it watered and well lit. Whilst we are still talking about the outdoor indoors, we’d like to take time to show you a very special kitchen herb garden. Perfect to make efficient use of any large, spare wall space in your kitchen.

Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are becoming common place as people begin to make efficient use of their limited space, particularly in heavy populated cities like London. Vertical gardens can be easily made, and are just as easy to maintain that a regular garden. So there we have it, a small collection of amazing garden ideas for you to consider for the coming spring and impending summer.

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