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September 23rd was the autumn equinox which means the official start of Autumn. The mornings getting darker, the weather turning colder, rain becoming more than a little frequent all the beautiful golden colours of autumn appearing.

The equinox happens when the Sun positions itself directly over the Earth’s equator, this event only takes place twice a year.

Autumn is a great time to get outside, there are lots to do in the garden as it will be undergoing its yearly Autumnal transformation. Autumn is the season for planning, this is a good time to plant your annual spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and bluebells as the soil is still warm from summer, helping the bulbs to develop their root system.

Did you know?

Did you know that during the Autumn months a squirrels memory and emotional part of the brain increases by as much as 15 percent! This is when the little critters scatter nuts and seeds to serve as an emergency winter larder.

Autumn is when birds need all the food they can get before winter. You can create a natural bird feeder using pine cones by wrapping a string around the pine cone, leaving enough string to ensure you can tie it to the branch. Mix bird feed with lard or peanut butter then coat the pine cone. This can be a good activity to do with young children.

Before the weather gets too cold to do jobs in the garden, don’t forget to do your annual Asgard garden shed maintenance. Remove any dead leaves from the top of the shed and oil your hinges using an Asgard service pen to ensure that the locks on your shed last in top condition throughout the winter.

We have created a helpful infographic with some useful tips and facts to get your garden autumn-ready.

Autumn infographic

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