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Asgard Bike Storage collaborates with Cycling Photographer Luke Michael James.

Cycling Photographer & Videographer, Luke Michael James, is the impressive Content Producer behind cycling brands Ribble, Lightweight Official, KASK Sport, KOO Eyewear and HIGH5 Sports Nutrition - and now Asgard Secure Steel Storage! 

With an ever-revolving selection of bikes and cycling equipment to photograph, Luke was in need of secure bike storage to safely store a wide range of bicycles in between photoshoots including Road, Gravel, MTB, CX, Hybrid, and electric bikes. Luke approached Asgard for help and advice for storing the bikes, with the Access E Plus bike shed fitting the bill, allowing him the option of charging the e-bikes while safely stored.

 "My new Asgard shed is incredibly secure and a perfect size for my bike storage. It was so easy to assemble I managed to do it in the dark!" - Luke Michael James 

Secure metal bike sheds & bike storage London

Why did Luke choose the Access E Plus Bike Storage?

With Luke joining the Ribble cycling content team, he has a minimum of 3-4 various bikes at any one time. The Access E Plus seemed the obvious choice, popular with customers and professional athletes alike, it gave Luke the option to store up to 4 bikes, including E-bikes with the Access’ electric mounting plate.

The Access’ lift-up lid gives Luke a great visual of the bikes within the shed and features double doors with a wide opening to carefully manoeuvre them in and out with a minimal chance of damage. 

“It's always good to be approached by an industry professional for advice, if we can advise the best in the industry then we must be doing something right”.  - Andy, Asgard

The Access bike shed also features a great selection of security features, helping to keep Ribble’s bikes safe and secure. Made out of thick galvanised (weatherproof) steel with an integral metal base that bolts to the ground, the metal shed offers 360 degrees of protection all year round. The Access also features a 3-point locking system with level 8 padlocks, stainless steel shrouds and an internal deadbolt.  The perfect London bike storage solution. 

To find out more about the Access range, click here.

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