Cycling in winter

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Cycling in winter

Many cyclists can feel daunted or intimidated about cycling in the snow and winter weather. Making sure you are fully prepared is the key to braving the winter weather and keeping you safe on your bike. Obviously if the snow and ice is severe it may be best to keep your bike at home.

If you are feeling brave though, follow these tips to ensure you have the best ride:

Make sure you are wrapped up, especially your hands. You don’t want them to become stiff and stuck to your handle bars.

Make sure your tyres are well inflated and have enough tread.

If it’s snowing a mountain bike may be better suited than your normal road bike.

Do your breaking early, as roads will be slippery and wet.

Make sure you wear a helmet, as there is more chance of slipping and cars will also be more unsteady on the roads.

Wear old clothes when riding in snowy and slushy conditions as you are likely to get dirty.

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