Cycle Locker With Floor

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Cycle Locker with floor

Asgard’s cycle locker has been designed with the cyclist in mind. As with all of our British-made storage products, the cycle locker is made from galvanised (weather-resistant) metal. Designed, made, and delivered by Asgard, with materials and labour sourced from the UK, this is a truly British product.

The Best Cycle Security?

Constructed from the inside out, this cycle locker has been designed to maximise cycle security within a minimal footprint. The galvanised shell features internal bracing bars for enhanced protection for your bikes and riding equipment. Security is further increased by the 3-point locking system, with an EN1303-rated pick-and-drill resistant lock barrel and 8mm steel door deadbolts!

Cycle locker with power

Inside this all-metal bike bunker, you will find two electrical socket mounting plates and rubber grommeted cable access points, perfect for installing electricity, allowing you to charge bikes, lights, and other equipment securely inside with your bikes.

Cycle Locker with power Cycle Locker

Beating Condensation in sheds

As with all Asgard bike storage, the unique Asgard ventilation system allows air to flow freely inside the unit even when fully locked, helping to keep your bikes and equipment not just safe, but also dry.

Environmentally friendly design

All Asgard cycle storage is made from responsibly sourced materials, with steel from Wales and a UK-based supply chain. But there is more! We have designed this cycle locker with an angled roof and compatibility with our shed guttering system - collect water and clean your bike for free!

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