Customer reviews their online purchasing experience

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Customer reviews their online purchasing experience

One of our customers decided to make their 1st EVER online purchase with Asgard. They've kindly done a review of their experience.

Here are a few key points from their review.

"This was a huge purchase for me, not just in terms of monetary value, but also this was my first ever online purchase. So this review is most definitely from a net novice."

"I chose the Annexe bike store, because it looked good and surprisingly did not look like a bike store,  which is even better. This was the only bike store I could find with a floor, which is crazy. Why would you buy a shed without a floor in it? I also paid £100 for installation (I'm too delicate for screwdrivers!)."

"The service was 1st rate from the start. I phoned for more information about the products and advice on which was the best bike store for me given my own circumstances and needs - also to get a feel for the company. The customer support lady I spoke to was very helpful and knew lots about the actual products and her colleague new everything about cycling. I decided to pay online then phoned them to check they got the order which they did. I found the online ordering very simple, even for an internet novice."

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