Customer review of the Motorcycle Garage from

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Customer review of the Motorcycle Garage from

Our Police + Insurance approved Motorcycle Garages are some of the most popular steel storage units we sell. Industry experts and our customers can’t get enough! We don’t blame them. Our Motorcycle Storage Units are made from strong weatherproof steel panels and have been fitted with a number of heavy duty features including a tough 5 point locking system, pick resistant lock and full integral metal floor.

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“As you will see from the photo the "bike-shed" is up and occupied and I am well pleased with the result.

There is plenty of room for my Yamaha MT-03, in fact if parked in the middle of the shed there is plenty of room to work on both sides of the bike at once without repositioning it. The quality of the metal work is robust and the panels all fit together very snugly….”

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