Christmas Gift Vouchers for Outdoor Storage

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Asgard christmas gift vouchers

Gift Vouchers for Asgard Storage Sheds & Outdoor Stoves

“Does Asgard have Christmas Gift Vouchers” - well the answer is now Yes - we do!

Over the years, our customers have been asking if we can supply gift vouchers for storage, so this year we’ve introduced our new Asgard Christmas Gift Vouchers. 

So many of us have received a Christmas gift that we don’t actually want, like, or need, and while it’s the thought that counts, it unfortunately means a lot of gifts unused. Each year, the UK spends £700 million on unwanted Christmas gifts with Consumers throwing away approximately £42 million worth of goodies, most of which ends up in landfill. So while gifting money towards a new metal shed might seem a little odd - helping them get an Asgard shed or outdoor stove this Christmas might be just the ticket. After all, if they’ve been treated to a new motorcycle, bike, BBQ, or tools - keeping them safe and secure is key to making the most out of their new pride and joy.

Many people are short of outdoor storage space and would like to make the investment in an Asgard shed as they know it will last them well over 10 years. However, we are in a cost-of-living and environmental crisis, and we think lots of people will be buying items they need this year over something they may use once or twice and throw away. Hopefully, by giving people the opportunity to buy a shed gift card, it allows them to gift something useful but still have something to unwrap at Christmas” - Andy, Head of Marketing

Asgard Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against any Asgard product directly from our own website including our popular bike sheds, garden sheds, and motorcycle garages.

How to Buy an Asgard Gift Voucher

Our Christmas vouchers come in £25 increments, helping you control how much you want to gift - whether it's a little for a shed accessory or toward a large metal shed. Each gift card is printed double-sided on a thick luxury card and comes with a matching red envelope to pop under the tree in time for Christmas.  

Find out more about our gift cards here.


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