Weatherproof Caravan Storage Box with Professional Shed Installation

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Additions Caravan Storage Shed

Asgard shed installation team install an Asgard Metal Storage Shed in a Caravan Park

Asgard has been installing our Caravan Storage Boxes on behalf of holiday homes & caravan parks for decades. Asgard sheds have been designed to offer Caravan tenants secure, safe and weatherproof storage suitable for short or long term storage (in or out of the holiday season) the holiday home range of sheds gives tenants (and park owners) multiple style and security levels while keeping continuity and style throughout the park.

Available in a traditional cream colour, forest green or contemporary and stylish grey, the metal sheds blend seamlessly into the park, with matching Calor recommended Gas Bottle Storage. Compared to plastic sheds which are lightweight and frequently break, Asgard metal sheds are designed to last with a free 10-year warranty and offer superior security for tenants who are off-site.

Asgard metal shed at a caravan storage park

Used by Caravan parks and holiday homes across the UK.

“Bang tidy! The first of our new @asgardstorage boxes in situ! This is the Access 7’ x 4’, high quality, sturdy and plenty of space for bikes, garden furniture and the like. If you want one then come see us to order.” - Neptune Caravan Park, Tywyn 

Neptune recently made the switch to Asgard for our 10-year warranty, strong design (to beat the Welsh coastal weather!) and eco credentials (did you know our sheds are over 99% recyclable?)

Professional Shed Installation

All our metal storage sheds are available with Asgard’s professional shed installation, allowing the storage boxes to be installed throughout the park, even when the tenants are not home. Alternatively, all of our sheds are supplied with a free fixing kit and fully illustrated instructions for self-assembly, with helpful hints and tips on our Youtube channel. 

The Asgard team recently installed a Secure Store 5ft x 3ft for a customer at Parkdean Resorts Skipsea Sands Holiday Park, Yorkshire, making the whole process from order-to-installation simple for the Caravan Park’s tenants.

“Thanks again Asgard, you have given me the best garden shed ever! It’s making such a difference to our lives. Everything was in one of those plastic sheds, which fell apart and blew around the garden every time it got windy.” - Ian

Metal Storage Designed for all Seasons

The Asgard range of metal sheds have been specifically designed to beat the British Weather. Manufactured in our Yorkshire factory from strong Welsh galvanised steel and coated in weatherproof powder-coated paint, each shed comes with a free 10-year anti-perforation warranty. If you are worried about condensation in sheds - don’t be! All Asgard sheds feature a unique hidden ventilation system to maintain airflow inside, reducing any condensation build-up. 

As all Asgards are made from heavy steel, weighing anywhere from 12 - 85 stone+, even in the coastal winds you won’t find them moving! For extra strength and security, the caravan storage boxes also feature an integral metal base with pre-drilled holes for anchoring the shed to the ground (fixing kit supplied).

Asgard Caravan Storage Boxes

Although all of our metal sheds are suitable as caravan storage boxes, we have 3 popular models which offer an easy-to-use compact storage space ideal for BBQs, bikes, toys, beach gear and patio furniture:

Secure Store 5x3 Small Outdoor Metal Storage Box Asgard Additions Grey Caravan Storage Shed Access 7x4 caravan storage box

Secure Store: A compact 5ft x 3ft shed with a 3-point locking mechanism and full-width double-door access.

Addition: A 6ft x 3ft shed with a 3-point locking mechanism and double doors, fitting up to 3 bikes. Shelves and accessories are also available. Please note, this shed is also available with a 5-point locking mechanism which is Police approved (Secured by Design).

Access: Our most popular model, the Access measures 7ft x 4ft and features double doors and a gas-assisted lift-up lid, blending the subtleties of a low shed, and the benefits of a walk-in shed. Features a 3-point locking mechanism. Shelves and accessories are available.

See our garden range for larger sheds.

Calor Gas Recommended Gas Bottle Storage for Caravans

Calor Recommended Gas Storage

To match our secure metal storage range, we also offer 3 Gas Bottle Storage Units, designed to hold 2x 19KG bottles, 2x 47Kg bottles or 4x 47Kg bottles - keeping gas bottles safe, secure and hidden.

The only gas storage units to be designed in conjunction with Calor Gas, the units feature an open back and ventilated design for safety, a lockable door (accessible through a utility key for emergency access) with a lift-up lid and an optional OPSO plate for a regulator to be fitted. The units also have a loading ramp making them easy to manoeuvre into place. 

Like Asgard sheds, our gas bottle storage units are made from galvanised weatherproof steel and can be bolted to the ground for strength and security.

See our Caravan Storage Boxes and Gas Bottle Storage ranges here.

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Please note, on coastal installs, we recommend you frequently wash the shed to ensure it stays in premium condition, please see our maintenance page for more information.

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