Can cycling to work boost the UK economy?

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Can cycling to work boost the UK economy?

Released statistics have revealed that cycling to work could boost the UK businesses by £13.7 billion. Figures released by Sustrans showed that time of work costs UK employers £258 a day, with the average worker taking 4.5 sick days each year and it has been found that in comparison, people who cycle only take 2.4 days a year.

Sustrans is launching its Support Cycling to Work Campaign and is calling on governments to recognise the economic and health benefits that cycling to work will provide.  Sustrans are urging the government to set a minimum standard of facilities and support that workplaces should provide for those commuting by bike. As the lack of facilities at work, such as showers and bike storage is one of the largest contributing factors for people deciding not to use their bike to commute. Sustrans want workplaces to provide adequate showers, bike parking and offer access to bike purchase schemes.

Sustrans have said that if the government endorsed a ‘cycle to work standard’ this would give businesses the advice and support they need to best accommodate their employee’s needs. Sustrans chief executive Malcolm Shepherd said “Making it safer, easier and more enjoyable for people to get to work by bike would unlock huge economic gains and health benefits for the UK. It's time to make sure all our workplaces are fit for cycling”.

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