Can a shed add value to your property?

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It’s a well-known fact that having a well-maintained garden can add value to your home, but can having a shed add value to your property?

The humble garden shed has come along way, from just being a place to dump your tools.  Think home gyms, home offices, craft rooms and extra storage space. Installing a shed will help enhance your property and potentially your lifestyle. Before making a leap and getting a shed fitted in your garden we have a few handy questions for you to consider.

Do you have space for a shed?

Sheds come in all shapes and sizes, which helps make them available to everyone. Our smallest unit here at Asgard is the Vangard which has a footprint of 5 ft x 3ft and is great for smaller gardens. Ideal for storing garden furniture, lawn mowers and all your garden tools, the Vangard is discrete and subtle addition to your garden.   

Is planning permission required?

This is a question that we frequently get asked about when regarding an Asgard sheds, in most circumstances you won't need planning permission. In certain boroughs in London, you are not allowed to have a shed at the front of your house without the approval of the council.

For more information on planning permission visit:


What are my options?

This choice is down to you, what do you need the shed for? How you are going to use the shed? At Asgard, our sheds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, that can be used to store a variety of things. Our ranges include taller sheds for garden and DIY tools such as ladders, wide and shallow sheds for storing bikes, or larger units for storing both! Our sheds can also be ventilated for storing motorbikes and quad bikes, or small and ivory for caravan sites to store children’s outdoor toys.

How much value will a shed add to my property?

 It’s difficult to put an exact amount on how much a shed can add value to your property but when potential house buyers view two similar homes, a shed can put one home above the other. With smaller properties there is more potential, where there is little storage space, a shed can help cut the cost of hiring offsite storage for garden and leisure equipment like bikes.

The condition and placement of your garden shed can be a factor in adding value to your home, a discrete shed in your backyard is far more attractive than one in your front yard. The size and functionality of your shed can also help bump up your properties lifestyle appeal.

Our sheds have also been featured on Sarah Beeny’s Double Your House for Half the Money.

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