Buying an Asgard bike shed was worth it!

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Buying an Asgard bike shed was worth it!

We love hearing back from our customers so we always encourage feedback on our services and products.

Andrew Whitwam wrote this review of his recently purchased 3 bike shed.

“It arrived on time, with all parts - always a good start!! Instructions were good, bit of complication with the rain guard over the door but sorted it over a cuppa tea. Took 2 of us going slowly and steadily about 3 hours within limited space to complete with the one shelf included. Construction is very solid. It has rained heavily since construction and no signs of water inside the shed. It's very heavy as a unit - security looks good (fingers crossed). All in all, expensive...but worth it for me.”

Andrew will now be entered into our monthly feedback prize draw. Each month every review we receive is entered into our prize draw. Entrants will have the chance to win £25 of Homebase or Wiggle Vouchers, it’s your choice.  See how to leave your review here and don’t forget to leave your name and email address!! 

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