Buyers Guide to Secure Metal Sheds

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Metal sheds are one of the most durable and secure garden sheds you could buy to keep your prize possessions safe and tidy. Metal sheds are stronger, more secure than alternative types of garden sheds, and they require less maintenance. Wooden sheds are prone to warping, rotting and usually have water related problems after few years and may require yearly application of wood treatments. Metal sheds can be purchased to keep your bike, motorcycle, tools, lawn mower and general household storage safe for a very long time.

Most common problems many homeowners face is that they require additional space which is always in demand. Regardless if the house or garden is big or small, this dilemma becomes an issue that crepes up over time. The overabundance of items can result in a garage stuffed to the ceiling or rooms in the house overflowing with clutter.

Before purchasing any secure metal sheds to help manage your storage needs. It is important to take into account the following steps:


First factor to consider when purchasing a secure metal shed is to understand what you are going to use it for and what you are going to store in the metal shed itself. You would want to buy the right type of metal shed first time round as some of these sheds can be bolted down to help with security and sturdiness.

Consider future storage

Consider budget


Where in the garden is it going to be positioned and always think about those who will be accessing the shed? Make sure no one will be tripping over the doorway threshold or banging their head. Also, check the doorway is wide enough to make sure you can store items with ease. Especially with blistering windy British weather you would want to store and use your items safely without any hesitation and obstruction.

Consider surrounding space


If the shed is to go in a confined space, make sure the dimensions are accurate. Secure metal sheds are purpose built and can be installed onsite by professional installers if required or can be assembled by yourself with just an electric screwdriver and an extra pair of hands. If you get stuck for sizes then speak to a specialist sales representative at Asgard who can help you pick out the perfect shed for your garden.

Consider planning permission especially for boroughs of London properties


Consider purchasing a metal shed with a metal base this will stop any penetration from the ground up and it will also stop damp, cold, animals, insects, and thieves coming in. This in return will keep your items in good condition too. Make sure to have level concrete, tarmac or paving slabs to help the sturdiness of the shed and bolt the shed down for extra security if required.

Built-in ventilation

Ventilation is hugely important because it will prevent the build-up of condensation inside the metal garden sheds, therefore protecting the items against any potential damage.

Fire hazard-free

Metal is by nature fire retardant and will need extreme high temperature to melt down. Rest assured whatever items are in-storage they will remain safe at all times from external fire sources, if fire were to start within the storage rest assured the fire will be contained within the metal shed. Wooden sheds tend to be much more prone to burning down if exposed to fire internally or externally and plastic sheds can begin deforming and melting even under low temperature heat.

Long Lasting Durability

This is one of the most significant selling points. Metal is not an easy material to damage and provides long lasting protection to any structure.

Rust Resistant

Special paint coated galvanised metal sheds stops metal from rusting and also helps keep the sheds looking new all year round. If the external or internal paint coating were to get damaged. Purchase some touch up paint to help cover up the exposed metal and stop it from rusting.


All round thick galvanised metal structure is safe enough but having a strong locking mechanism and keyhole system is important too. This will make life extremely hard for thieves looking to steal any valuable items locked inside the metal shed.

Top rated secure metal sheds, look no further and take a look at Asgard’s ever growing list of metal shed products.



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