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World No4 BMX Luke Willcocks Asgard Shed

Luke Willcocks - Gladiator Bike Storage

At just 11 years old* Luke Willcocks is a World No4 BMX Champion*. Coming from a family of BMX cyclists, his father, Steve, is the head coach at the Knightswood BMX Club and rides for Team Mind Charity as part of the National BMX race team. With 15 bikes between them, plus equipment and riding gear, Luke’s mum Cathy approached Asgard for help and advice in storing their bikes in a large high-security bike shed. 

“We are thrilled that so many professional athletes keep choosing Asgard storage to secure their bikes and that we are actually trusted to protect their livelihood. This installation has to rate as one of the best we have ever seen"- Andy Heath, Asgard.

As part of Asgard’s ongoing aim to support young talented athletes, we recommended the Gladiator Cycle Store and bike racks, a secure Police approved cycle shed to hold their many bikes.

Asgard Shed Installation Inside an Asgard Bike Storage Shed

Luke’s parents opted to install the 2 large cycle stores themselves, landscaping the garden to fit the new sheds seamlessly into the garden. Their hope was to get the bikes out of the house for Christmas, something Cathy was most excited about:

“Best Christmas Present ever. The bikes are now out of the house. Thank you so much Asgard and Happy Christmas. Loads of much needed secure bike storage for our cycling family. Electric system and lighting installed too.” - Cathy Willcocks

We caught up with Cathy and Luke a year later to check they were still happy with their family bicycle storage: 

"The two sheds are brilliant - love them. In constant use." - Cathy Willcocks

Who is Luke Willcocks? 

Luke 'The Nuke' Willcocks is a BMX champion, coming 4th at the 2019 UCI BMX World Championships in Belgium, and both he and his father represent Great Britain in BMX racing. At just 11 years old, Luke is one to watch on the BMX circuit, exercising his competitive streak.

Why did the Willcocks choose 2 Gladiator Bike Sheds? 

With security being such an important factor, the Willcocks family opted for the Secured by Design (Police) approved Gladiator Cycle Store, Asgards’s largest bike storage range with unlimited depth extensions possible. The Gladiator range is packed with additional security features including a pick-and-drill resistant lock with a protective steel shroud lock casing, 10mm heavy-duty deadbolts, and reinforced hinges, panels and doors. As with all Asgard sheds, this heavy-duty cycle store is made from tough, galvanised (weatherproof) steel with an integral base and no exposed screws.

Cathy opted to add shelving and bike racks down the side to maximise the space. The bike racks help keep each bike upright and allow family members to access their own bike easier. The Gladiator Cycle Store has double door access, an electric mounting plate (for adding power into the shed), an easy access ramp, a large bike capacity, and an integrated ventilation system, helping to minimise condensation built-up from wet bikes. 

Update: In 2022, we checked in with Luke and his family to see how they were getting on with their two large bike storage sheds: “The sheds are brilliant and storing the bike collection securely. In the next few months the aim is to create a specific bike washing / maintenance area at the side of one of them so if it works out we'll send you a few photos.” – Cathy Wilcocks

We're looking forward to see what the Wilcocks' do with their maintenance area - check back soon to see more updates! 

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*Correct at time of writing


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