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Blaine Hunt gets an Asgard bike shed with lift up lid

Paracyclist Blaine Hunt gets an Access Bike Shed

Asgard’s family of professional athletes, explorers, and celebrities continues to grow with Paracyclist Blaine Hunt becoming the latest athlete to approach Asgard for help and support in securely storing his bikes. Blaine required a secure outdoor storage shed for his flat in London, after his fiancé wanted bikes out of the living room.

After seeing fellow teammates and professional athletes opt for the Access bike shed x4, he followed suit, double doors and lift up making grabbing bikes for that early morning training ride quick and easy.

Blaine opted for the home assembly and was soon up and running, quickly getting into the swing of things, finding the shed installation easy: “I started putting it together, super easy, just follow the instructions. Lots of screws, it helps if you’ve got power tools as it makes life so much easier. 

It’s super secure when the locks are on it. It’s like a tank of a storage unit, I'm super happy with it. It’s taken the bikes out my front room, and I’m now happy to leave them outside because its nice and secure, beforehand I was worried about stuff getting stolen because we’re in London” - Blaine Hunt


Who is Blaine Hunt?

Blaine is a paracyclist with the GB Cycling Team, aiming to become the world’s best C5 Paracyclist. He started riding bikes in 2018 and has won medals at the World Championships and the C5 1km TT and current national champion C1-5 flying 200. Blaine’s popliteal artery was severed during a knee operation at the age of 16, and races in the C5 classifications for athletes with minimum impairments. His career has been mainly self-funded, with bundles of talent we’re happy to support Blaine on his mission to become the best Paracyclist. 

Team GB cyclist bike storage
Access bike storage for 4 bikes

Why Did Blaine choose the Access Bike Shed x4?

After seeing Paralympian Jody Cundy and Corrine Hall, plus Olympians Laura Kenny, Jason Kenny and Elinor Barker opt for an Access Bike Shed, Blaine was happy they were pleased with the security and practicality of the Access bicycle store x4. The Access is hugely popular with athletes, the cycling industry and the public due to its gas-assisted lift up lid and double doors, which makes manoeuvring bikes in and out quick and easy. 

The Access also has a wide range of security features with a 3-point locking system including a deadbolt on the rear of the doors, plus an integral metal base that can be bolted to the floor. With no externally exposed screws, the Access bike store combines security, size (7ft x 4ft) and ease of use to offer great long-lasting and low maintenance bike storage.

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