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With more cyclists taking to the roads and mountain biking tracks, it’s no wonder that the number of people taking out bike insurance is on the rise. And sadly, more bike thefts are occurring as opportunist thieves operate nationwide. But with so many ways to protect your beloved bike why are people neglecting their bike safety? Well we want to help you to keep your bike safe and out of the way of thieves.

Bike Storage
Here at Asgard we have a passion for cycling and security. Out bike sheds and their security features have been engineered and created by people who experienced the issues of bike security themselves. We have produced the Access and Access Plus bike shed with the aim to make it as easy as possible to store all your cycling equipment and your bikes. Asgard bike sheds are also big, strong and heavy, as each bike shed is manufactured from thick gauge galvanised steel and multiple safety locking features.

Bike Alarm
Small and effective bike alarms are readily available and can be a very good anti-theft feature. The alarms are attached to a wheel, and trigger when they sense any motion of the bike. A loud, fast and quite frankly annoying noise is broadcast. This is simple and is a great way to increase security if combined with a bike shed or other bike storage.

Motion Sensor Lighting
It’s easy and a strong deterrent. We’ve all had that moment when we’ve been walking along and triggered a motion sensor light. Even though you’re not a burglar doing anything wrong, you still feel startled. This keeps your pathways to your garden safe and out of bounds for thieves.

Keep your bike indoors
If space isn’t an issue then storing your bike inside your house is also a safe option. Combine this with a room alarm and you have a sort of mini Fort Knox. If keeping your bike indoors, then try and keep it out of view, this reduces the likelihood of bike theft significantly if they can’t see that you have a bike.

These are just simple ways to protect your bikes and cycling gear. Combine them together to create an even stronger bike theft deterrent, for example an Asgard Bike shed with a fitted bike alarm and a motion sensor light pointed towards the front of the bike shed.

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