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Here are this month's Asgard shed photo of the month – Marcus has sent us an image of his shiny new Asgard Bikeshed.  Marcus chose the 29er version of this popular unit for the extra space.  Read his comments below.

"Excellent product. So if you're reading this and have the same questions that I had while I was researching and reading reviews"..

1) Is it big enough. Yes. I can comfortably store a mountain bike and road bike with plenty of room for a couple of large plastic boxes of spares, tools, floor pumps etc etc. Basically all my bike-related stuff in one place.

2) Is it easy to build. Yes. But it's definitely a two-person job. The second person needs to just keep stuff held upright while you screw everything into place. We found it easier to have a third person on hand to assist when putting the lid on (its the heaviest part and needs to be lined up properly when bolting it in place).

3) Did it go together easily. Yes. I was expecting the classic "flat-pack furniture" experience of holes not lining up etc, but I can honestly say that it all went to together very smoothly. Everything lined up. However, you will definitely need a fully charged power screwdriver!

4) Is a slab base enough. Yes - unless you want to use the ground anchor bolts to screw the store into the base (then you will need to create a deeper concrete base). For me I didn't need that complication - so a base of cheap 450x450x32mm slabs on a layer of sharp sand has worked well. However... spend time getting that done right. The base needs to be level and flat. In spite of my best efforts I had one corner slightly off and the net effect was the bike store lid didn't close properly - however, Asgard supply a selection of plastic shims in the assembly pack which is there to help to resolve any misalignment. In my case, with one of those under the offending corner all is now good.

5) Are there any metal loops inside to attach bike locks? No. I think you can buy these from Asgard as separate items - they screw into spare screw holes in the bike store. I added a couple of large eyebolts bought separately from a DIY store.

6) Are the lid locks provided with the store. No. You have to buy those separately from Asgard, but buy those because the store is designed to work with the ones they sell.

So in summary, if you want a secure way to store your bikes AND other stuff that would normally go in a shed, I'd definitely go for this larger size, even if you don't have a large 29er mountain bike!

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