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  Morpher Helmet  This May, we have teamed up with Morpher Helmet for National Bike Month. Here at Asgard, many of our workers cycle to work and the safety of both the cycle and the cyclist is important. While Asgard focuses on the safety of the cycle, manufacturing many Steel Bike Storage Sheds which are Secured by Design (police) approved, LPCB Level 1 (Loss Prevention Certification Board) approved and UK Locksmith approved. Morpher Helmet focuses on the safety of the cyclist. Both Asgard and Morpher Helmet take safety and security very seriously.

The Morpher Flatfold helmet is the revolutionary multi-award winning folding bike helmet that conveniently folds flat in less than a second after use, is less than 7.1cm thick when folded, easily slips into a bag AND is fast becoming the essential helmet for bike and e-scooter share users. Safety should always be a top priority for any cyclist and e-scooter riders. However, many still take risks by not protecting their heads to avoid carrying a helmet around with them when they are not riding, which makes the Flatfold a perfect purchase for cyclists.
Most importantly Morpher helmets are fully safety certified (CPSC and CE1078). The Morpher Helmet has a clever fit system that makes it extremely comfortable and homes an easy to use magnetic chin clasp, making Morpher an incredibly cool piece of kit that most importantly will help to keep your head protected when riding. You can securely keep your Flatfold helmet and bike in the likes of an Asgard Centurion, Annexe or Gladiator Secure Steel Bike Shed thanks to its fantastic 5-point locking system.

The helmet was invented by Jeff Woolf OBE, a multi-award winning innovation specialist and cyclist.

 ‘I invented Morpher flatfold to help prevent brain injuries and loss of life and hope that as the last-mile trend for hop on hop off bike shares and e-scooters continues to explode worldwide that Morpher can be the perfect partner for their users everywhere’

The Morpher Flatfold helmet is the game-changing folding bike and scooter helmet that every cyclist definitely needs to get their hands on! 

Keep your bikes safe with Asgard, keep your head safe with Morpher Helmets.

To find out more about the Morpher Helmet, check out their website:

Facebook: Morpher
Twitter: @Morpher 
Instagram: @Morpher

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