Why are sheds so important for our well-being? These are often overlooked extensions of our homes provide us with many benefits that we take for granted…

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Make the Most of your Garden Shed & Improve your Well-Being

Make the Most of your Garden Shed and Improve your Well-Being

Why are sheds so important for our well-being? These are often overlooked extensions of our homes and provide us with many benefits that we take for granted, but if we use them in the right way, they can improve our lives. This especially applies to those who work full time, yet still want to maintain an impressive garden by working on it in the evenings and weekends.

First and foremost, a messy shed is also a stressy shed. If you want to ensure your spare time is spent wisely, as a stress free activity that actually improves your well-being, then you’ll need the following tips on how to set-up your shed, so your garden time runs smoothly.

Asgard Access Storage is perfect for adding more storage space  

Use Storage Shelving

Installing shelving inside your shed is a great way to take things that would otherwise be placed on the floor and elevate them up to eye level, for maximum convenience and minimum backache when bending down to pick things up. Asgard have a range of shelving options that can be fitted inside your shed. They’re made from the same strong metal that the exterior of the sheds are made from and have been designed to stand the test of time. Consider adding shelving to your basket, when you purchase an Asgard garden shed.

Garden Tool Storage Rails

In many sheds you'll find spades, rakes and electrical equipment naturally make their homes propped up in a corner, sometimes stacked against multiple other items, making it hard to retrieve a piece of equipment without digging everything else out at the same time. A great way to avoid this often time wasting activity is to install tool rails inside your shed, so all of your tools stand upright conveniently waiting for you to select them, when it’s time to work on the garden. Asgard’s tool rails are easy to fit and come with a free 10-year warranty.

  Asgard Steel Tool Storage Rail

Keep things off the floor with the Asgard Hooks  

Garden Hooks

Placing hooks on the walls of your shed is a great way to organise your smaller tools such as trowels and secateurs. Rather than putting all of your smaller gardening tools into a box on the floor and having to rummage through it every time you need something, bring your smaller tools up to a convenient eye level. All Asgard sheds are pre-drilled to accept our hooks and they are easy to install, simply remove a screw where you want the hook to be placed, line up and put the screw back in! Hooks can be installed on the top of each panel near the roof, or in the vertical panel joins.


If you’re a novice gardener and following tutorials from books or the internet, you might not yet be familiar with the names of all the tools. Labelling areas of shelving, racks and hooks can help you to find what you’re looking for efficiently. This means that you can get straight into the gardening without the stress of messing around for some time, trying to find the right tool. Of course, labelling can also be put into practice by the more experienced gardeners who simply want to ensure everything is put back in a place, where it can be easily found again. This can be useful if you occasionally have other people helping with your garden work, on shared allotments.


If you can’t see what you’re doing, it’s going to be much harder for you to make a start on your gardening. Asgard sheds can be rigged up with lighting fairly easily by hanging lamps and lights from the ceiling. Many Asgard customers have done this themselves to great success, allowing them to have clear sight of everything in and around them. Lighting inside your garden shed is especially useful if you’re a late night or early morning gardener, which can so often be the case with full time workers.

The Access E features the ability to add electricty to charge your E-Bike or lawn mower batteries  


Often you’ll find you need to take some of your electric powered tools back into the house to charge up. Some Asgard sheds come with a mounted wall plate that allows you to add electric sockets to your shed. If you choose to do this it can save loads of time and effort, because you’ll be able to charge your equipment there and then in the garden, while you get on with other gardening activities. An added bonus, it also means your home is kept clean and not covered in soil. If you want to use your shed for maximum efficiency, this is something that you should seriously consider.

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