Adventure Athlete and Team Cycles Rider, Benjamin Le Chappers, gets an Asgard Sentry-E Shed

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Benjamin Le Chappers & Sentry-E ebike Shed

Adventure Athlete and Team Cycles Rider, Benjamin Le Chappers Turbo Trains in his new Asgard Sentry-E Bike Shed


Asgard metal sheds continue to impress cycling professionals, with the latest addition of Benjamin Le Chappers, a professional cyclist and lifestyle content creator for Team Cycles, Ribble, Hiplock, Sungod, Attacus Cycling, Trek Bike and more. Ben approached Asgard Storage back in September 2022 for help and advice on how to securely store his brand bikes, and if he could create a cycling studio for Youtube videos within an Asgard shed.

As it happened, we were launching our new Sentry-E bike shed. Designed for bike storage and charging, the metal shed was a perfect fit for 1 turbo trainer, with an integral power socket and cable entry to power any camera and lighting equipment. Ben lept at the chance for this multifunctional storage shed/ home studio.

“I explored every option for storing my bikes. For me I wanted them to be safe, dry and have a small place to work on them. Every other storage solution I looked at I could see an opportunity for it to be broken into. I never thought I’d find something I was 100% happy with until I stumbled on Asgard. 

My bikes to me are my work. I’m now happy to go away and leave them with peace of mind. Well, I always take one away with me. The guys built it up super quick and I can get way more in it than I expected. Thanks all.” - Benjamin Le Chappers, Adventure Athlete and Team Cycles Rider.

Professional Shed Installation

To install our new Sentry-E bike storage shed, our professional shed installation team hopped to it and travelled to his home to set up the new metal shed. “Benjamin had a great base already set up and good to go, as the Sentry range is a compact 3ft x 7ft shed - it went up super fast with the addition of an outdoor plug ready for his electrician to wire up” - Stuart, Asgard shed installation team.

Asgard Sentry-E Ebike Metal shed

Who is Benjamin Le Chappers?

Benjamin Chapman is a professional cyclist currently riding Trek Bikes and sponsored by Team Cycles, and is well known in the cycling industry, having partnered with key cycling brands. Ben has been seen on multiple YouTube channels riding across Europe and travelling the coast of Spain with his friends. September this year (2023), Ben will take on one of the hardest endurance rides known, the Badlands - an unsupported gravel challenge on the edge of Europe passing through remote areas including the Gorafe Desert, Tabernas Desert and Cabo de Gata Natural Park. For the next 6 months, Ben will be using our Sentry-E storage shed to train in.

What is the new Asgard Sentry E Shed?

The Sentry-E is a walk-in shed with a footprint of just 3ft wide x 7ft deep, designed to fit up to 2 bikes plus accessories with handy shelves at the back. The e-bike shed features a grommet hole for power and an electric mounting plate to install power inside the shed - this is super handy for Ben who will be documenting his gruelling training regime on his Youtube channel, and needs to power his lights and cameras. The Sentry-E shed bundle pack comes with shelving, a protective wooden subfloor and a 3-point locking mechanism, safely storing his bicycles when he’s not using it for turbo training. 

Find out more about Ben's secure shed on the Sentry E product page.

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Asgard Sentry-E Ebike Storage Shed Handle





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